Guided Advocate. Strategic Partner. Trusted Advisor.

Gunder Wealth Management (GWM) is a fee-only financial planning firm based in metro Detroit dedicated to creating better financial lives for busy individuals and families. GWM leverages technology to provide clients with efficient, prompt, and high-quality service regardless of their geographic location.

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What does Gunder do?

Take stress and confusion out of your finances to navigate financial events you plan for and prepare for those you pray never happen.

Who does Gunder serve?

Successful and ambitious individuals and families who are ready to take action and create a financial plan.

What’s the result?

Confidence in the choices you make allowing you to overcome obstacles and achieve meaningful experiences.

How is Gunder Different



I listen to understand who you want to be and develop a plan enabling you to get there.

Personalized & Holistic

I focus on relationships, solutions, and outcomes; not transactions, individual products, and complex benchmarks.



My compensation is structured in a way that reduces conflict and enhances transparency – I don’t earn commissions of any kind on product sales.

$0 Minimum

Everyone deserves financial advice regardless of asset size.

Streamlined & Modern

Use of technology driven platforms improves efficiency and lowers costs.

ESG Investment Options

Invest in sustainable development and transformative change without sacrificing performance.

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