What do you miss the most from your “normal” routine?


For me, it’s easy to define what I DON’T miss versus what I DO, but it’s hard to articulate the WHY.  

What I DON’T miss:

  • Hectic mornings out the door.
  • Rushing to throw dinner on the table.
  • Dry cleaning.
  • Overscheduled weekends.

I could keep going, but you get the idea.

What I DO miss:

  • Eating breakfast out as a family on the weekends.
  • “One Shining Moment” after the completion of March Madness. Or maybe just Jim Nance’s voice in general.
  • That spring break vacation we so thoughtfully planned and planning for the next trip.
  • Playing at the park, date nights, walks to Griffin Claw.

But WHY do I miss these things?  I’m struggling with the lack of:

  • Certainty and predictability. I think that goes without explanation.
  • Time spent with and around other people. With this virus, we have lost our ability to find safety and comfort in each other. Sure, we can have video chats and phone calls. But I think the inherent desire to “herd” is challenging to satisfy right now.

Despite me being introverted at times and the desire to be a homebody in general, this experience of being hunkered down at home will certainly push me to find a purpose behind my thoughts and actions: is this something I WANT to do or is it something I feel like I SHOULD do?  Skipping a season of soccer, stretching out my haircut 2+ weeks, and adding another take-out meal a week sound like some no-brainers to me.

It will also prompt me to determine what I consider an indulgence going forward.  Getting time on the calendar with friends, family, and neighbors seems more fulfilling to me than scheduling a deep-tissue massage or buying a new piece of colorful outdoor gear.

Cheers to a redefined joyful path to excellence.


I’m happy to chat anytime about your new path and how it impacts your plan.