Why Is Money Important

Get clear about where you are. 

Are you looking in the past?  If so, how does that serve you?  The important point here is to gain clarity about the big picture so you can cope with the unexpected. Life happens. 2020 happens.

Be specific but flexible when you think about the future.

What happens when you pivot from a job that you thought was forever?  What about when you have twins and were only expecting one?

Don’t delay life over being obsessed about a particular outcome.  If you wait to get it exactly right, you will be waiting forever! Don’t buy into a false sense of precision.

Maybe you delay thinking about the future for fear of getting it wrong.  If that’s the case, you’ll avoid this exercise altogether. Quit waiting for the “best” advice and consequently doing little (or nothing) to further your potential.

Wealthy vs. Rich – What’s The Difference?

A great financial plan has little to do with what the markets are doing.  What happens if you never save a dime in your life?  That’s not the market’s fault. It’s about defining what’s important to YOU and developing a road map for exactly that.

It’s your turn to truly think about what “wealth” means to you.  Do any of these concepts resonate with you when you think about wealth?

  • Having the freedom to choose
  • Measuring your life in experiences, not dollars
  • Prioritizing investing over spending
  • Framing decisions around a future outcome, not instant gratification

If you equate being wealthy to being “rich,” I’m not a good fit for you.

Let’s get a plan together so that you can live your life today. Schedule some time with me when you’re ready to chat.