Why Is Money Important

Here are the top 3 responses I receive: security, independence, and freedom.

Even though this is a start, and we have to start somewhere, these sound like unquantifiable goals.  I’m looking to uncover the feeling behind those goals and the emotions you believe will result when you achieve them.  Here is what I mean:



Sure, you might have an emergency fund to cover expenses for 3-6 months.  But what about when those funds run dry, and you’re still short on sources of income?  Where would you pull from first, should you encounter an unforeseen situation?  Are you concerned about paying for items such as:

  • The cost of childcare.
  • The storage of an embryo.
  • A term life insurance policy.
  • Waterproofing your basement.

Do you feel confident that your bare essentials are sustainable if there’s a drop in your earned income or a 30% market decline impacting your portfolio?



I look at this as being the next step up on the ladder from “security.”  This is where you don’t have to think about:

  • Renewing your Amazon Prime membership.
  • Overpaying for internet on your flight to watch the rest of the game.
  • Buying the Express Unlimited Pass at Universal, or Super VIP pass at Lollapalooza.
  • Making daily trips to get your extra-hot oat milk latte.

When you’re financially independent, you have multiple income streams to support your lifestyle, whether they’re active (earned income) or passive (money that kicks off of your portfolio).  It’s here that retiring early is achievable. 


If you think you’re already here, I challenge you: Are you up to date on current tax strategies?  What about the tax-loss harvesting potential in your portfolio?  Are you adequately insured, or do you keep overpaying for a policy that you don’t understand?  If you expect to live at least 20 more years, implementing these types of strategies can have a material impact on your financial situation.



What exactly do you want to be “free” to do?

  • Take a year off to travel with the family
  • Stay on the beach instead of consistently booking 4 blocks away
  • Quit your job to learn how to be a beekeeper
  • Drop your day-to-day to financially care for a parent

Financial freedom means you don’t have to worry about where the money is coming from. It’s not about estimating the cost of your current lifestyle; it’s about quantifying the cost of your ideal lifestyle.  You have the power to choose what this looks like for you.  Don’t live a life on repeat if reflection and brainstorming aren’t part of your day-to-day.  Develop a roadmap and start building this vision.  Once you have that in place, it’s much easier to assess, refine, and integrate along the way.


Financial freedom and early retirement don’t happen overnight. This is a process, and there are plenty of mile markers along the way.  It’s my job to help you see what’s ahead by tackling one at a time. Schedule some time with me when you’re ready to chat.