Why people don't work with a financial advisor

​Here’s what I oftentimes hear as to why someone doesn’t work with a financial advisor:

  • I don’t have enough money to invest
  • Advisors are too expensive
  • They’re going to sell me something
  • I can do this on my own

What is it about the current generation of advisors that gave society the stigma that advisors are all about INVESTMENTS? I’m excited to say I’m part of the ADVICE generation of advisors and a fee-only, independent, fiduciary on top of that.

While I do love investing, there’s so much more to my job than making trades. I don’t need to manage your assets to work together, I’m not affiliated with a broker-dealer that forces me to sell their products, and I’m required to put your best interests ahead of my own. I also love understanding your values, outlining your goals, and creating a plan to get there.


You might ask yourself…

If I’m not making trades all day, what is considered financial “advice” outside of investments?  Let me know if any of these questions resonate with you:

  • I haven’t reviewed my employer-provided benefits in years.  How do I know if I’m maximizing my options?
  • Should I refinance my house? Should I consider an ARM or a fixed rate?
  • Should I lease or buy my next car?
  • Is now a good time to invest cash on the sidelines? How much cash should I have on the sidelines?
  • My company gave me the option to take a lump-sum offer – what should I do?
  • I’m nearing or in retirement, and the market volatility is keeping me up at night. How do I know if I’m on track?
  • I have the option to suspend student loan payments. Should I do that, consider refinancing, or continue paying?
  • My kids are going to college this decade, and I haven’t prepared – what do I need to do?
  • The SECURE Act killed the “stretch” IRA – how does that impact me?
  • I’m a small business owner – I wasn’t able to get any funding through the COVID 19 stimulus package, or I did, but it’s not enough – now what?
  • I was furloughed – what if I don’t get asked to come back? Should I start getting my resume together?


These are every day, but tough questions.

Who do you turn to for guidance? Do you Google every item until you’re blue in the face? What do you do when you read conflicting information, or maybe even information that you don’t understand?


Basic financial advice isn’t hard to find.

But what about when things get more complicated? How do you navigate the new complexities to get to the next level?

I admit I can’t predict the future, but I do understand the importance of following a strategy, having a long-term perspective, and staying disciplined.  If those are all things you can do on your own, then I applaud you!

Building a long-term, professional relationship takes time.  Trust doesn’t develop overnight, and neither does a solid financial plan.

I’m happy to chat anytime.